You will receive between 1,000-4,800 dollars off  and two free upgrades. Floor models and custom ordered hot tubs are included! Upgrade choices – clean-zone system I or II ( UV and ozone ) and WiFi connectivity. As well as Bluetooth speakers, air blower, exercising kit and lighting.

Vita & American Whirlpool are owned by the same parent company MAAX. Currently being the 3rd largest hot tub manufacturer in the world! MAAX is taking over the spa industry by storm and reinventing the quality standard.  Known for their rugged durability, fantastic warranties (two lifetimes warranties) and low operating cost. These spas are a crowd favorite & overall have the best value!  When you buy from Pool Works you will receive a 3-5 year parts and labor warranty.

If you have any further questions fill out a contact us forum or call our store (920) 339-9801


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