Pool Works Facebook Page

Pool Works Facebook Page

Pool Works, Inc. in De Pere WI is the largest pool company in the surrounding area. Offering construction/service for all of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We offer a full retail line of pool/spa chemicals, equipment & expert advice.

Looking for the pool builder who is considered the area’s Number #1 supplier of beautiful and unique pools/spas, you have come to the right place. We have simply one of the best jobs around… we create beautiful and unique backyard areas that bring people together for fun and relaxation. Our pools are inspired by life. Whether you are looking for:


• Amusement areas

• Residential backyard fun

• Exercise facilities

• Relaxation areas

• Sport centers


All-around leisure and entertainment, we can provide it! We pride ourselves in listening closely to each customer and providing you with phenomenal designs. We know you will find Pool Works, Inc. to be number #1 in integrity, reliability and quality. Family owned and operated, we have been working with families and the business community for over twenty years, providing exceptional, award-winning designs. An overwhelming part of our business is referral from our satisfied customers sharing their experience with others.


Would you like to follow our sale dates, new products & keep up with everything Pool Works follow our page  × ⇒ here ⇐ ×

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American Whirlpool & Vita Spa Fall Sale

American Whirlpool & Vita Spa Fall Sale


You will receive between 1,000-4,800 dollars off  and two free upgrades. Floor models and custom ordered hot tubs are included! Upgrade choices – clean-zone system I or II ( UV and ozone ) and WiFi connectivity. As well as Bluetooth speakers, air blower, exercising kit and lighting.

Vita & American Whirlpool are owned by the same parent company MAAX. Currently being the 3rd largest hot tub manufacturer in the world! MAAX is taking over the spa industry by storm and reinventing the quality standard.  Known for their rugged durability, fantastic warranties (two lifetimes warranties) and low operating cost. These spas are a crowd favorite & overall have the best value!  When you buy from Pool Works you will receive a 3-5 year parts and labor warranty.

If you have any further questions fill out a contact us forum or call our store (920) 339-9801


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Water Chemistry 101

Water Chemistry 101

Do you have difficulties keeping up with your pool’s water chemistry? Do you want to learn more about how these levels affect your pool? Do you keep adding chlorine but still have cloudy water or algae blooms? If you answered yes to any of these questions we are here to help!

There are 5 key chemicals you should check first when a problem arises

Free Chlorine – is the total amount of sanitizer in your pool. Chlorine must be constantly replenished because it prevents bacterial growth, algae blooms and improves the overall health of your pool.  The best range for chlorine is 1-4ppm

Cyanuric Acid –   CYA acts as a sunscreen to your chlorine. Sunlight destroys chlorine therefore costing you obscene amounts of money to keep a consistent chlorine level. In the right doses Cyanuric acid can be a great stabilizer however, if improperly dosed can cause some problems. Such as, faulty water test readings & ineffective chlorine. When the stabilizer goes too high it coats the chlorine not allowing sunlight in or chlorine out. Optimal range of Cyanuric Acid is 1-50ppm.

pH – is the acidic level of your water lower pH= more acidic higher pH = less acidic The ideal range of pH is 7.2-7.8

Alkalinity – helps keep the pH stable if in range. If the alkalinity rises over 120ppm (parts per million) or drops below 80ppm the pH will follow and be pushed out of range.

Calcium Hardness – Help prevent plaster damage when balanced correctly. High CH can cause calcium scaling. Ideally 220 to 350 for Gunite & 200-500ppm for pools with a vinyl liner.


Tips for 4th of July Parties

Tips for 4th of July Parties

  1. Social Media – Creating Facebook groups/events can really boost awareness for your party. Also it allows you to provide your guests a location, time & details about the party.
  2. Decorations – Simple red, white & blue themes will help your party stand out from all of your other ones throughout the year.
  3. Entertainment/Games – i. Simple yard games as such horseshoe or bean bag toss will give your guests excitement while you are preparing the food. You could introduce a 5 dollar buy in to create some competitiveness to these games as well. ii. Fireworks are also a huge part of this season, asking each of your guests if they can bring in a few fireworks can really expand the duration of your show. On top of collectively make the party more memorable and enjoyable! iii. Music is a must! Connecting to a Bluetooth speaker and having the party decide the music is ideal.
  4. Swimming Accessories – Don’t forget about the pool essentials towels, sunscreen, drinking water & floats. As fun as it is to be in the sun we all know the dangers and risks of prolonged UV rays. Make sure your guests stay safe while having fun outside!
  5. Welcome all your guests – This may sound obvious but a simple greeting and short conversation with your newly arrived guests will make them feel more welcome.
How to clear cloudy water

How to clear cloudy water

What causes cloudy water in pools?

Low alkalinity & or low calcium levels in your water can negatively affect how high & effective your chlorine levels are. These problems in your pool can cause your water to turn cloudy, allow algae growth & bacterial growth.

Common Misconceptions of cloudy water

  1. The higher my chlorine levels the faster it will eliminate the cloudy water – As explained in the first section you must make sure your water chemistry is in order before diving all in for a solution.

2. Flocculants & clarifiers eliminate the underlying causes and the cloudy water itself  – Wrong, Yes these are great products if you have a party to host tomorrow and need to clear up the pool but these problems will always come back if you don’t fix the underlying causes.

3. I don’t need to clean my filtration system & circulation systems – Improper filtration & circulation systems are one of the main causes of cloudy water. Properly cleaning your filtration system will improve the overall water clarity and reduce the chance of cloudy water. Having a professional pool care provider come to your house and check on your pool’s circulation systems annually is a great routine to ensure all of your equipment is tip-top.

How to treat cloudy water

Test your alkalinity & water hardness to find if they are both in range before applying any products to clarify the water.

Clean/Backwash your filter before applying initial doses of clarifier

Shock the pool – to calculate the amount of shock you need to use the index found on your products labeling.  In accordance to how many gallons your pool is you can obtain the appropriate dose for you.