How will a Cover-star automatic cover benefit my family & I?

A Cover-star automatic safety cover provides safety for children, pets and savings on heating. As well as more stable water and easier to manage chemistry. Who wouldn’t want the convenience of a cleaner pool and a longer swim season?


A swimming pool is the ultimate enhancement to your lifestyle and home’s value. A place for family fun. relaxation and entertaining friends. Yet there is also the time spent on chemicals and maintenance – and the cost of heating, water, electricity an chemicals. As well as, of course, the safety concerns of a child getting access to an unsupervised pool.

A Cover-star automatic safety cover is the best protection available for your family and for your pool investment. Simply flip a switch, and your Cover-star will create a barrier over your pool that no child or pet can penetrate. A Cover-star covers keeps heat, water, and chemicals in – and keeps dirt, debris and the elements out.

Owning a Cover-star means never having to worry about safety, or about spending too much time or money on pool upkeep.


Cover-star delivers big savings.. 90% reduction in evaporation, 70% reduction in pool heating costs, 50% reduction in electricity costs & 70% reduction in chemical use.

What’s the best way to maximize the time you spend enjoying your pool, and minimize your maintenance time and cost? Simply use your Cover-star automatic safety cover whenever your not using your pool!

Save on heat, water, electricity, and chemicals. According to the U.S. Department of Energy a cover is the best way to reduce heat loss in your pool. A cover-star acts as a passive solar heater, increasing the temperature of your water by 8-10 degrees. It also reduces evaporation of water as well as consumption of chemicals.

Eliminate time-consuming cleaning and maintenance!  A Cover-star keeps dirt, leaves, and debris out of your pool. Time spent on cleaning out dirt, leaves, and putting in new chemicals is almost eliminated.




Each pool has its own personality, inspired by your dreams and desire for the beauty of your home. Cover-star covers can be applied to a broad range of pool designs. Cover almost any fiberglass, vinyl liner or gunite pool. Even pool designs using a vanish edge, raised bond beam, extreme cantilever, kidney shapes, or any other shape can be covered beautiful.


The Stronger the cover, the safer the cover. No company builds in more exclusive design and manufacturing features to ensure the strength and performance of its automatic covers than cover-star.

Heat sealed webbing for double the strength! Most automatic cover manufacturers sew webbing material wrapped around rope to the cover. With this method, the webbing often fails before the fabric does. Cover-star uses an exclusive, patented process to heat seal webbing around a polymer bead and weld it to the cover in one step. Independent lab tests show Cover-star’s webbing is over twice as strong as competitive webbing sewn to a cover. 

Quality and Reliability

Cover-star automatic safety covers are independently certified by the Underwriters Laboratories to exceed the powered safety cover requirements set forth by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM F1346-91), and are UL listed to meet all electrical and safety standards.

Fabric – Available in 11 standards colors (Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Aqua, Forest Green, tan, Mocha, Brown, Grey, Charcoal and Black.) This Premium Ultra-guard III fabric has an advanced vinyl formulation for maximum chemical and UV protection and is backed by a seven year limited warranty.

Heat-sealed webbing – 15 times stronger than sewn cover webbings, heat-sealing eliminates corner tearing and makes detachable ropes possible.

Ropes – Power-Flex ropes act like a shock absorber and self adjust during operation for a more reliable performance. They are the only ropes that come with a two-year no-break guarantee!

Two inch stainless steel pulleys –  Pulley size determines rope life. Two inch double-row, sealed, stainless steel ball bearing pulleys provide five times the load bearing capacity of the commonly used pulleys and the result is uncommonly long rope life.

Torque limiter –  The mechanical toque limiter controls the pressure that can be place on the system protecting it from costly damage.

Sliders –   The three channel guide system eliminates binding by using slider that are four times stronger than competitive systems.

Stainless steel bracketry –   The Cover-star Eclipse system us the only system made from heavy duty stainless steel for long system life.

Gears –   Over-sized gears eliminate drivetrain breakage.

Motor –   Cover-star motors are completely sealed and submersible, allowing for continued safe use regardless of rain, splashing water or overfilling the pool. Optional hydraulic motors are also available.

Track Options 

Under-guide systems –  are embedded in the pool wall or mounted to the bottom side of rectangular pools’ coping, allowing tracks to remain virtually unnoticed. For a more integrated look, tracks can be built directly into the pool wall using guide encapsulation.

Top-guide systems –  can be used with most freeform pools. The cover’s drive system is installed under an aluminum lid or mounted to the surface of the desk.

Recessed guide systems –  feature aluminum tracks that are recessed in the pool deck during the construction of the pool. The recessed track is flush with the top of the deck.