What causes cloudy water in pools?

Low alkalinity & or low calcium levels in your water can negatively affect how high & effective your chlorine levels are. These problems in your pool can cause your water to turn cloudy, allow algae growth & bacterial growth.

Common Misconceptions of cloudy water

  1. The higher my chlorine levels the faster it will eliminate the cloudy water – As explained in the first section you must make sure your water chemistry is in order before diving all in for a solution.

2. Flocculants & clarifiers eliminate the underlying causes and the cloudy water itself  – Wrong, Yes these are great products if you have a party to host tomorrow and need to clear up the pool but these problems will always come back if you don’t fix the underlying causes.

3. I don’t need to clean my filtration system & circulation systems – Improper filtration & circulation systems are one of the main causes of cloudy water. Properly cleaning your filtration system will improve the overall water clarity and reduce the chance of cloudy water. Having a professional pool care provider come to your house and check on your pool’s circulation systems annually is a great routine to ensure all of your equipment is tip-top.

How to treat cloudy water

Test your alkalinity & water hardness to find if they are both in range before applying any products to clarify the water.

Clean/Backwash your filter before applying initial doses of clarifier

Shock the pool – to calculate the amount of shock you need to use the index found on your products labeling.  In accordance to how many gallons your pool is you can obtain the appropriate dose for you.