Vita Spas by MAAX

After receiving tons of positive feedback with American Whirlpool we have decided to bring in MAAX’s Vita spas to keep the same quality you find in a American Whirlpool for a cheaper price.



What separates MAAX’s Vita spas from the crowd?

Complete Control at the Tip of Your Finger
Why go out in the cold to check your hot tub when you can do it from the comfort of your home or even your office. Wi-Fi connectivity paired with the Vita Spa hot tub app allows you to have complete control of your 700 Series hot tub from anywhere. Control the temperature, change filter cycles to save money or turn on the jets and lights before slipping into the soothing waters.
Superior Sound

Our thoughtful amenities and superior options provide a level of luxury and pleasure for every sense. This optional Bluetooth Music System is both waterproof and corrosion resistant. Our speakers boast a crisp, clear sound for true music fidelity. Pair that with state of the art Bluetooth technology, music is always at your fingertips. Enjoy your favorite artists and playlists anytime with this easy to use music system. Simply sync any Bluetooth compatible device, slip in to the soothing waters and enjoy.


Vita’s Control Pad

Our control pad allows you to turn on your spa, control temperature, lighting options and jets. It doesn’t stop there; the advanced technology provides you with many key features to enhance the use of your spa. Features such as our reversible display allow you to reverse the orientation of your spa panel for easy readability from the inside or outside of your spa, with a simple touch of your finger. You can even program the exact day and time of filtration and heat. Our control lockout feature ensures that your spa settings stay yours.

The 700 Series Smart Touch control panels are easy to read and allow you to change the temperature, adjust lighting and control your massage, with the tap of your finger. Unlike your smart device, this control works even when wet.

The 500 Series control panel includes many easy-to-use features including large LCD temperature display, LED back-lighting and programmable filter cycles.


The 300 Series control panel is consumer friendly control pad offers LCD “day and night” display, is easy to operate and contains solid state marine grade components.


Superior Quality 


The steel sub-structure used in Vita Spa’s 700 and 500 Series has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available.  The light-gauge steel frame provides greater structural integrity than wood, as well as superior corrosion protection for a much longer life.   Complete with the the ABS Sealed Base, this is an integral part of the support structure in a Vita Spa hot tub. It’s one-piece construction provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and sealing out moisture. This steel structure design allows for complete serviceability of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. Essentially, the spa can be serviced and brought back to factory specifications right in your backyard. We call this feature “appliance grade”. It is important to consider the serviceability of your hot tub just as you would any other home appliance.


Northern Exposure

This patent pending thermal barrier technology recycles the free heat energy for more efficient heating and lower energy costs. All four sides of the spa, plus the floor and cover are lined with reflective copper material to reflect radiant heat energy generated from the pumps back into the spa. Heat is absorbed back into the plumbing helping raise and maintain water temperature. Finally the entire exterior of the hot tub is wrapped in 3M Thinsulate™ Insulation, the same incredible material utilized in winter clothing. This three layer patent pending system ensures energy created by the spa stays in the spa.


Ultra Quiet

The same insulation that makes an MAAX AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tub energy efficient also aids Vita’s superior performance and ultra quiet operation. Sound energy is trapped and deadened inside the hot tub by the insulation sound barrier. Quiet operation is essential to ensure a peaceful relaxing experience throughout the entire backyard.

Insulating Cover

AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL’s premium grade insulating covers contain a unique copper lining, removable heat sealing pillows to vent excess heat off in the summer and a tailored fit to keep the heat in when cooler. The cover also acts as an important safety barrier to the spa.


Lifetime Insulation Warranty

The insulation system is warranted to maintain the same insulation value as it had at the time it was manufactured. The high R value, Appliance Grade™ construction will allow a technician to service the entire spa and bring it back to factory specifications at home.