Ultimate Cleaning Technology

There’s a reason why Dolphin is the #1 selling robotic pool cleaner. Unlike the competitors pool cleaners that use random patterns to clean the pool floor, Dolphin’s robotic cleaners come with a proprietary design called Clever-Clean. Clever-Clean is a smart navigation system designed to strategically map out & clean every inch of your pool in 2 hours or less. Paired with Power-Stream the power & consistency of dolphin automatic cleaners is unmatched both of these features ensure complete pool coverage.

Sustainably designed, Energy efficient

The Dolphin S Series consumes an average of 5 cents of energy per hour and is 8 times more efficient than suction and pressure cleaners. If you use your dolphin three times per week for a year it would only cost you $15.60 this investment is a no brainer!


Best In Class Warranty 

The Dolphin S300i comes with a full 2 year warranty covering parts and labor; The best protection of any robotic pool cleaner on the market.


My Dolphin Smart Phone App

Connect your Dolphin to the cloud using your home Wi-Fi. With the MyDolphin app you can remotely control your Dolphin, set up cleaning cycle programs, check its status, get proactive care tips, and more.

* Available on S300 & S300i only *


What’s new in 2019? 

Single button operation – New power supply designed for one touch operation makes using the dolphin as simple as possible to use.

Always connected – The dolphin is always a close to you as your mobile phone or tablet. The MyDolphin app puts full control of your robot right in your hand from anywhere, anytime.

No more tangling – Patented Dolphin swivel technology gets rid of tangling and ensures complete pool coverage.

2 filters in 1 basket – Dolphins are easy to use. The large capacity, top load filter basket have dual fine and ultra fine filtration to collect both large debris likes leaves, plus the smallest particles of algae and dirt. Your pool becomes sparkling clean while you have more time to spend with family. Once finished, just remove the basket and rinse clean.


Maytronics is now offering a national rebate on cleaners purchased in your local retail store for the months of May, June, and July! Here’s how it works. Simply, register your Maytronics Dolphin Robot’s warranty by visiting https://registration.maytronics.com/ During the warranty registration process, enter the promotional code for your cleaner in the box next to your Dolphin Robot’s serial number and then complete the remaining registration steps. You will receive a follow-up email once your rebate has been processed. Please allow 4-6 weeks to process the request and receive your check.
The rebate is valid on all cleaners purchased from retail stores from May 1, 2019, to July 31, 2019. All request must be submitted by August 30, 2019.


$25 Rebate for Advanced Robotic Cleaners
Promo Code: U-DDAD252019
Cleaners included: S200, Active 20, T35, M200, and DX3

$50 Rebate for Deluxe Robotic Cleaners
Promo Code: U-DDDX502019
Cleaners included: S300, Active 30, T45, M400, and DX4

$75 Rebate for Premium Robotic Cleaners
Promo Code: U-DDPM752019
Cleaners included: S300i, Active 30i, T55i, M600, M500, and DX6