1. Social Media – Creating Facebook groups/events can really boost awareness for your party. Also it allows you to provide your guests a location, time & details about the party.
  2. Decorations – Simple red, white & blue themes will help your party stand out from all of your other ones throughout the year.
  3. Entertainment/Games – i. Simple yard games as such horseshoe or bean bag toss will give your guests excitement while you are preparing the food. You could introduce a 5 dollar buy in to create some competitiveness to these games as well. ii. Fireworks are also a huge part of this season, asking each of your guests if they can bring in a few fireworks can really expand the duration of your show. On top of collectively make the party more memorable and enjoyable! iii. Music is a must! Connecting to a Bluetooth speaker and having the party decide the music is ideal.
  4. Swimming Accessories – Don’t forget about the pool essentials towels, sunscreen, drinking water & floats. As fun as it is to be in the sun we all know the dangers and risks of prolonged UV rays. Make sure your guests stay safe while having fun outside!
  5. Welcome all your guests – This may sound obvious but a simple greeting and short conversation with your newly arrived guests will make them feel more welcome.